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We are a juice bar that specializes in natural health. Our mission and vision is to help as many people we connect with to improve their health, make better lifestyle choices and enjoy the benefits of preventative medicine, the basis of naturopathy.

Many of our supplements, tonics and herbal remedies are made in house. We offer naturopathic consultations by Dr. Simone Lord Marcelle. Mother Earth Juice Bar Cafe is a family owned business founded by Dr. Simone Lord Marcelle and her husband.

Dr. Lord is a graduate of Trinity School of Natural Health and board certified by the American Medical Naturopathic Certification Board.

Why Choose Us


Many of our juices and health supplements, elixirs, herbal remedies are made in house.


We are here for you to help you with the diet and lifestyle changes, to get you healthier and happier.

Mother Earth Juice

An apple a day may keep surgery away. We offer fruit and vegetable juices that keep you strong and healthy.


Maybe you want to lose weight or just live a longer, happier healthier life, we are here for you.

Health News

25 January
The Power of pH By Dr. Lord

The reason many people fall sick is because some of their vital organs, tissues and blood break down. This is actually caused by deficiencies of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in their diet. Many people are also unable to digest or absorb these crucial nutrients and minerals. These food substances provide very important nutrients, and when our bodies don’t get them it starts the breakdown of vital organs. These deficiencies can be traced to our food supply...

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BEYOND ORGANIC: A Guide to Using Plants as Medicine

Naturopath Dr. Lord shares research and expertise on using plants and food substances as medicine as she reveals...


Get Out of Your Cage

Get Out of Your Cage is a book of Holy Spirit inspired, convincingly compelling, fiery motivation to get...


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