Can the Olive Tree be the Panacea?

Can the Olive Tree be the Panacea?

By Dr. Simone Lord

The Olive tree is one of the oldest cultivated trees of civilization and bears crop, fruit for many different applications. Firstly, its fruit the olive not only gives oil when pressed but is a great nutritious appetizer. Secondly, its oil is potent and has been used by Jesus, Hippocrates, kings and queens, Olympians and champions of faith and healing all over the world for centuries.

Not only does the Mediterranean diet and extra virgin olive oil help alleviate health problems – like diabetes or fatty liver – people who consume them feel better, their skin looks better and they have a lot more energy. That’s according to Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos.

“The Olive leaf makes a marvelous, powerful cup of tea. The olive leaf has properties that studies show of being able to fight viruses, support digestive system and has been used since antiquity to help the body fight disease. It fights mucus in the system quickly, and supports great immune function. The tea is pleasant tasting and good with a bit of honey. The olive leaf can help lower blood pressure and blood sugar,” according to studies done by, and Dr. Simone Lord, a pastor and naturopath residing in Queens NY.  According to research done by Dr. Lord, the olive tree is also the biblical tree of life, whose leaves are for the healing of the nations, written about by St. John the Theologian in the book of Revelation.

The Olive Tree was said to be a gift from the goddess Athena to Greece. It has been called the tree of life. Interestingly, according to a Guardian newspaper, article written in April 2020, Greece, with a population of over 11 million people, have had only less than 100 deaths.

To date, there are significant studies that show successful usages of the olive tree, including a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil. The Mediterranean diet has many nutritional health benefits that we can all benefit from. Here is a summary of major research of the two major biophenols found in the olive leaf – oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol:

Benefits of Olive Leaf Tea or Extract: (

  • Natural antioxidant
  • Some evidence to show high antioxidant activity against lipid peroxidation
  • In vitro and animal studies show that olive leaf extract has some potential activity against the influenza virus
  • Research suggests that olive leaf extract may reduce the infectivity and inhibit the replication of viruses that cause colds, influenza and lower respiratory tract infections – further clinical trials in humans are needed to validate these findings
  • Olive leaf extract has been shown to stimulate phagocytosis – which may enhance the body’s response to a viral infection
  • Gargling olive leaf tea may alleviate symptoms of a sore throat – potentially due to a reduction of inflammation and viral infectivity

Traditional natural medicine references associate olive leaf extract with many other medicinal properties, such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antioxidant
  • Antiseptic
  • Antiviral
  • Astringent
  • Cardiotonic
  • Hypoglycemic
  • Hypolipidemic
  • Hypotensive
  • Immuno-stimulant
  • Inflamo-modulatory
  • Lipotropic
  • Vasodilator


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Dr. Simone Lord is a pastor and board certified naturopathic doctor. She operates Mother Earth Juice Bar & Health Foods in Richmond Hill NY and Inspire NY Wellness Center in Jamaica Queens. Please visit to contact or 917-720-2485 for more information or consultation.

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