Schisandra.. Meet the Super-Berry that Helps Manage Stress

Schisandra.. Meet the Super-Berry that Helps Manage Stress

Every health conscious individual is looking for the next superfood to aid in anti-aging, stress management and that is chock full of minerals, vitamins, as well as antioxidants. Schisandra berries has all the above but have not gotten the hype they deserve for enhancing longevity and improving vitality. They are also great stress inhibitors. Ashwaghanda has been in the news as a widely acclaimed Ayurvedic herbal supplement that helps the body to fight stress and adrenal fatigue. It is also claimed by many that Ashwaghanda is a powerful sexual tonic for both males and females. Having tried both and recommended both of these herbal supplements to clients, I can say that Schisandra berries works quickly and the benefits derived are noticeable within minutes. You will feel less stressed, calmer, yet mentally alert. It is always advised to talk to your physician before trying any herbal supplements.

When you’re feeling a little flustered, a cup of Schisandra berries tea will make you relax and not take out your stress on those closest to you, as humans tend to do. They are definitely not your typical berry.  This dynamic superberry counters stress by reducing the number of stress hormones in the blood.  It is considered an adaptogen, meaning that it can adapt to the broad needs of your body. Schisandra helps to decrease fatigue and improve mental and physical endurance.  Many athletes use the superberry to improve performance.

Schisandra berries helps the liver to function well, it aids the digestion system and boosts the immune system. In addition, Schisandra fights cancer cells by boosting immunity. It also beautifies the skin. To make a Schisandra berry wine tonic, soak the berries in a wine for about three to four weeks. You can also make a tea by boiling or steeping the berries, add a bit of honey and enjoy the unusual taste and thrilling benefits of these dynamic little berries.

Written by Dr. R. Simone Lord, a board certified naturopathic doctor on a mission to teach herbal wisdom and reconnect people to Mother Earth. Find her at Mother Earth Juice Bar & Health Foods 116-03 Metropolitan Ave, Queens. NY.

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